The “RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY” Association considers exhibition activities as one of the most convenient platforms for selling products of the companies-members of the Association, as well as a comprehensive platform for organizing business dialogue with representatives of government and executive authorities of Russia at all levels.

The main exhibition project of the Association is the “RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY’2020” International Exhibition-Fair.

Duration: June 4 – 7, 2020;

Venue: КВЦ «Сокольники», Пав. №7;

Organizer: Ассоциация «Русский домострой»;

Operator: ООО «ГК «ИТБ»;



  • Production:

    1. Design and tailoring in the traditions of Russian folk costume;

    2. Tailoring for the parishioners of the Orthodox Church;

    3. Design and production of traditional Russian footwear (felt boots, boots, sandals, etc.);

    4. Production of kitchen utensils (earthenware and wooden utensils, samovars, kettles, etc.);

    5. Production of household furniture with elements of traditional Russian woodcarving (dressers, cupboards, cupboards, chests, benches, wall shelves)

    6. Production of lighting items in the Russian cultural tradition (candlesticks, candles, etc.);

    7. Production of a subject range of the Russian furnace and the Russian bath;

    8. Traditional Russian blacksmith production, forging (fences, grates);

    9. Food products (drinks, honey, gingerbread, herbal preparations, etc.) made according to traditional Russian recipes in the Russian cultural tradition;

    10. Production of traditional Russian wooden children’s toys, dolls-amulets, games and educational tools, made in the Russian cultural tradition;

    11. Publication of literature and media (educational, popular science, art) on the subject of the Russian cultural tradition;

    12. Production of Russian folk musical instruments;

    13. Production of DVD and CD media with records of Russian folk, classical and sacred music, songs, feature films and cartoons, etc.

  • Services sector:

    1. Russian bath (Russian bath traditions, wellness procedures, etc.);

    2. Russian tavern and refectory (popularization of Russian cuisine, traditions of Russian meal, festive and Lenten menu, etc.);

    3. Russian tea party;

    4. Russian folk sports, games and fun (fistfight, lapta, towns, etc.);

  • Trade Area:

    1. Shops and salons (off — line and on — line) selling clothes and shoes in the tradition of Russian folk costumes and clothing for the parishioners of the Orthodox Church;

    2. Trade enterprises of kitchen utensils, home interior, lighting items made in the Russian cultural tradition;

    3. Trading networks, centers and markets specializing in the trade of household items made in the Russian cultural tradition;

    4. Book and music stores (off — line and on — line) for the sale of literature, musical carriers on the subject of Russian cultural tradition and Russian folk musical instruments.

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