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If your activity is directly or indirectly related to the revival of the Russian style and cultural traditions in the daily life of a modern Russian person, his appearance (folk clothes, clothes for an Orthodox church and folk holidays), his home (kitchen utensils, home textiles, furniture, forging) his spiritual food (Orthodox literature, Russian national music and song performance, Russian painting and engravings), and you want to take part in the formation of an independent Russian industry that ares Russian national life and national costumes, as well as its sales, we invite you to join the “RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY” Association of manufacturers and vendors of Russian household products and national clothes.

The main activities of the “RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY” Association are:

  • collection, compilation and analysis of information from members of the Association and other sources: on the conjuncture of the markets for the product line of Russian national life and national clothing, raw materials and materials in the regions where the members of the Association are located, determining on this basis possible areas of cooperation;
  • development of proposals for legislative and regulatory legal acts providing for the establishment of tax and other financial benefits for small businesses specializing in the production and sales of the product line of Russian national life and national clothing and the provision of subsidies from the budget to them;
  • in accordance with regulatory legal acts and agreements with the relevant state authorities, it participates in the implementation of measures of state support for small businesses specializing in the production and sales of the product range of the Russian national life and national clothes;
  • facilitating the establishment of bilateral and multilateral cooperative ties, the development of relevant projects and the selection of their specific performers;
  • assisting in the development of a distribution network for sales of members of the Association, using their material base and stores, as well as in conducting wholesale fairs and promotional events;
  • development of concerted measures to protect the interests of members of the Association in government bodies, coordination of efforts to implement them;
  • assistance in expanding advertising publications and analytical materials on the state of the industries of production and sales of the subject line of the Russian national life and national clothes, on the market conditions of these goods, as well as raw materials and materials for their manufacture;
  • providing informational and advisory assistance to members of the Association in the search for partners for the development of production and sales, as well as enhancing the competitiveness of products;
  • facilitating the entry of Association members’ products into foreign markets and the development of cooperation with foreign partners;
  • assistance in organizing the certification of products manufactured by members of the Association;
  • carrying out museum, exhibition, information and consulting, publishing and printing activities, publishing audiovisual products;
  • holding seminars and methodological meetings of the members of the Association;
  • providing information, consulting and expert services to members of the Association;
  • participation in the training and professional development of personnel for organizations specializing in the production and sales of the product line of the Russian national life and national clothing;
  • performing other functions that meet the main objectives of the Association and are not contrary to the current legislation.
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