Competition Mission

The “RUSSIAN KOSOVOROTKA’2020” INTERNATIONAL CONTEST aims to popularize the Russian folk costume in general and the kosvorotka, in particular, as one of the most significant elements of the national identity of the Russian people.

The Russian kosovorotka includes the number of national symbols of Russia, it is well recognizable and popular both among Russians and among the friendly Russian peoples of the Earth.

Dress your shirt – and you will immediately feel how your Russian roots will revive in you, and your love for Russia will become more palpable, more humane, warmer. A man with a different blood will dress the shirt; he will feel the Russian spirit better and his positive attitude towards Russia and the Russians will be fixed forever!

Russian kosovorotka should get a second birth. The time has come for her triumphal march across Russia. She should return to our everyday life, and to our festivities and walks, and among politicians and public servants, and in business relations, and at school, and the latest trends of modern fashion.

The “RUSSIAN KOSOVOROTKA’2020” INTERNATIONAL CONTEST should make a significant contribution to the revival of the Russian Kosovorotki!


Competition Organizers

  • «RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY» Association of manufacturers and vendors of Russian household products and national clothes;
  • Interregional Public Foundation “Link Generations”.

The “RUSSIAN DOMOSTROY” Association is a non-profit organization and unites on a voluntary basis about thirty enterprises and organizations located in several regions of Russia specializing in the production and trade of the product line of the Russian national life and national clothes.

The Interregional Public Foundation for the Promotion of the Formation of Russian Historical Consciousness “The Link of Generations” is implementing programs that promote the formation and development of the national Russian historical consciousness.

Stages of:

Stage I: September 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020;

Stage II: April 1 – May 31, 2020;

Awarding of winners: in the framework of the “Russian Domostroy 2020” International exhibition. CEC (June 04–07, 2020, Moscow, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Pav. No. 7a).